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Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas Honoured as Leisure Pools Pool of the Month (01/2023)

When you first meet Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas owner Clarence Kaye, if you sense a friendly, inviting, and approachable individual, then please don’t waver from that initial conclusion. Clancy has been in the fiberglass pool business since 2001.  When he first entered the industry, he really didn’t have much experience at all. What he did have, however, was an impressive resume that has certainly lent itself well to everything he has done professionally over the course of the past couple of decades. So it should come as no surprise that Pioneer Valley is being recognized with the Leisure Pools Pool of the Month Award for January 2023

The star of this backyard sanctuary is the Leisure Pools Supreme 40 fiberglass pool shape, in gorgeous Sapphire Blue, complemented with a raised Sorrento Spa and automatic pool cover by Integra Pool Covers.

Previously a blank slate, this backyard is now home to a show-stopping ensemble. In addition to the stunning pool, there is also a pool house. Although this structure was designed and built by another firm, Clancy’s team was involved with the placement of all of the pool equipment that is stored in the building.

“This was a great project to be involved with,” reflected Clancy. “The family was very nice and gracious. This gave us all a great sense of accomplishment. From the pool to the pool house, everything was top shelf, the best of the best.”

Pioneer Valley Pools and Spas is familiar with the best, however, as the best is always what they deliver.

It’s pretty obvious then why this pool was chosen to be the Pool of the Month for January 2023. 

This is also why Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas continues to maintain appreciable momentum when it comes to installing backyard pools. Their reputation precedes them. People see the quality of the pools and their work and want the same level of detail and customer service for their own backyard pool projects.

Jan Stevens
Jan Stevens
Jan Stevens is an industry expert with over a decade of experience in the fiberglass pools sector. His authoritative insights are based on real-world experiences and a strategic mindset, making him a valuable contributor to the field and an esteemed author for our website.




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